Brian Finkelstein (@bsfinkestein) is a writer who has been nominated for two Emmys. He is also a regular performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and is a host / storyteller for The Moth. You can read his story “Perfect Moments” in the Moth’s first book: 50 trues Stories.


He has performed eight solo shows in a variety of venues, from the HBO/US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen to the Summer Nights Festival in Perth, Australia and New Zealand. Brian’s told stories on public radio shows including Good Food, The Business, UnFictional, Marketplace and many more.

He is a regular performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and a host / storyteller for The Moth. You can read his story “Perfect Moments” in the Moth’s first book, 50 True Stories.

In the past year he co-wrote/developed a pilot for Working Title & Universal International called “Expats” with producer/writer Cindy Chupack.  Logline:  Four slightly broken expats end up reluctantly living together in Paris.

He also created stories for a series of graphic novels and comic books for Double Take and Take-Two Interactive Software. They were based on the 1968 George A. Romero classic, “Night of the Living Dead.”

From the Hollywood Reporter:



He’s also currently in a Wayfair spot CLICK TO SEE IT!


6 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your talent for story telling. Just listened to your story of “Amy” and it made me cry with
    compassion and grief revived, but also gratitude because you are right–the tragedies and banal moments (even adding up to years of “emptying the dishwasher” moments) are real, but so so so ARE those wonderful beautiful moments of joy and beauty.
    My middle age motto has therefore
    become, “pause for beauty.” Your work qualifies! Thanks!

  2. I was on the phone tonight with an old friend. Part of our friendship is based on a history at a certain point in time, in a certain city. But without one very special thing in common, we probably wouldn’t have become so close. That common thing is a friend of ours who committed suicide. We struggle with it in different ways; knowing that the whole god-damned thing will never make sense but that we’ll keep trying to piece it together anyways. We shared your podcast about Amy and we (this is going to sound awful) laughed our asses off. We laughed about the futility. We laughed about the crushing sadness. We laughed about the contradictory bundles of experiences we hold in our hands each day down here on the place we call Earth. And you know what? We love it down here. Part of what we love is your podcast. It’s one of the only things that’s made sense to us. Keep on truckin.

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